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Helen Stephens Gallery schedules exhibitions each month in the main gallery.

Our stable of ceramic artists include: Patsy Hely, Angela Valamanesh, Kirsten Coelho, Gerry Wedd.

Exhibitions of paintings and works on paper scheduled include: Roslyn Yeung, oil on canvas; Pramod Kamur, works on paper; Belinda Ward, works on paper; Sarah de Teliga, oil on canvas.

Print Gallery. A selection of original prints: etchings and screenprints from the yilpingi series include Australian indigenous artists, Bai Bai Napangarti, Susie Bootja Bootja; Rosie Tasman Napurrurla, Ronnie Lawson Jakamarra, Uni Martin Nampijinpa and Paddy Stewart Japaljarri.

Exhibitions in the print gallery will be scheduled throughout the year.