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Ceramics Artist
Elson Phil

b. 1952, Sydney. A dedicated studio potter producing a range of porcelain bowls, beakers and teapots for everyday use and one off exhibition pieces using Southern Ice porcelain. These porcelain, wheel thrown bowls are gas fired, often glazed in contrasting colours of blue and green celadons, copper red, white, grey, black and brown shinos, beige and rare earth using naturally occurring oxides and stains. His work is at once both contemporary and classic.

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Bowl, Southern Ice porcelain,pale green and pale shino glazes. D. 10x18cm. Price. $132
Open bowl from domestic range. Celadon glazes.
Salad bowl, wheelthrown procelain, grey shino/black shino.
Noodle bowls, wheelthrown porcelain, grey shino/iron saturated shino.
Noodle bowl, wheelthrown porcelain, rare earth/white glaze.
Phil Elson studio with glazed pots ready to pack into gas kiln.
Large bowl, one off. Southern ice porcelain with rare earth and celadon glazes. D. 18(h)x26cm. $374
Phil Elson studio teaching throwing on the wheel
Southern Ice porcelain bowl, pale blue celadon glaze. D. 12x19cm $198